Used Appliances

Customers always asks us what appliances to buy. The short answer is these ones! These are professionally curated and restored machines. All our machines come with a 90-day warranty, and we restore only reliable machines that we know we won’t have to service!

Washer – Whirlpool Direct Drive

If you remember the Lonely Maytag Repairman, this platform was Whirlpool’s answer to Maytag’s success.  Whirlpool called it the “Design 2000”, repairmen came to know it as the Whirlpool Direct Drive.

Direct Drive’s are hard working, durable washers that tend to be cheap to fix.  When getting washers for our own families, these are what we look for.  If you’ve got rentals these are the machines for you too!

LXR6232EQ0 ($199)

Whirlpool Direct Drive, 2-Speed, 6-Cycle



All machines are available for pick up at no cost.  Delivery to your driveway or garage, costs $49 within 25 miles of our shop.  Additional charge is $2 per mile.


Installation includes delivery and involves moving appliances from your driveway or garage, into your house, and setting up for reliable service, per manufacturer’s specifications.

Installation matters!  We work on lots of appliances where water pressure, drain configuration, venting, floor leveling, mounting or other factors cause unusual or unsatisfactory performance. Installation matters!

Installation: $179 (includes delivery/removal of old appliance, expert installation, 1 flight of stairs, no removal of doors)

New Appliances

If you want to buy new appliances, it largely doesn’t matter what you buy.  While there are a couple things we like, every manufacturer has their own problems and we work on a lot of new appliances.   The fact is most new appliances are pretty comparable.