Buying New – True Costs


That $699 washer wasn’t such a great deal.

You’ve decided to buy new.  It’s exciting times.  The advertising worked, you’ve decided to spend wages on a new appliance. You looked around and even found a great deal.  $699 for a new washer!  What a bargain.

What are the REAL costs of that $699 price.

Sales Tax: ($38) (5.5% in Wisconsin)

Delivery: ($70) ( Standard Delivery is curbside drop-off)

Installation: ($179) (We do a lot of repairs caused by poor installation.  Installation matters!)

Parts/Hoses: ($35) (You need new supply hoses)

Your Time:  (???)  (Will you be available to accept delivery?  Will you be available for install? Do you have all the parts for DIY?)

Your new washer will probably cost you $900 plus a LOT of your time, all for a machine that probably isn’t as good as the machine being replaced; while foregoing a repair that would cost a fraction of that amount.  Repairing broken appliances has the lowest initial cost, annual cost, and total cost. 

If you can afford a new machine, and want a new appliance…great!  Otherwise, BE SMART.  Save your money, fix your appliances!

We’ll save you time; we’ll save you money.