Food Storage

Does a refrigerator crisper really work?

Refrigerators crispers can save you money, and might just help you eat a little better too.

Kale.  Fresh after 3-weeks in crisper drawer.  Wilted after same time on refrigerator shelf.
Kale. It’s usually pretty hearty, but you can make it last even longer.

Without getting deep into the science…cold air can’t hold as much moisture as warm air.  Refrigerators rob humidity from the fresh food section and deposit moisture in the freezer section.  Sealed vegetable crispers allow temperature transfer while protecting food from the moisture transfer.

You change humidity in a crisper drawer by adjusting an opening that controls how much moisture is moved over to the freezer.  

That means you can tailor whether those groceries you bought three weeks ago are ready for a salad, or you’re eating cereal tonight!